Sarah – a.k.a mdraw110

Born and raised in New York City, Sarah is the definition of a city girl. She’s well versed in not only Manhattan’s ever-changing real estate climate, but she also serves as her team’s Brooklyn and townhome specialist.

Sarah started her career in Real Estate in the multi-family sector, helping Campus Evolution Villages, LLC grow from a portfolio of 5 properties to over 20 properties nationwide in short span of three years. With a proven track record, Sarah easily transitioned into the residential market and has successfully been able to navigate the New York City and Brooklyn markets with finesse. Her experience, passion, drive and personality have led to Sarah representing buyers, re-sellers and sponsors in both new developments and condo conversions.

Her ability to network and build relationships have not only come in handy for her, but for her clients as well, where Sarah has been able to help clients with not just their real estate needs, but act somewhat of a concierge. “Sarah’s got a guy” is a common theme amongst those who know her well… actually it’s a theme even amongst her following on social media.

Vivacious, outspoken, deal maker and entrepreneur,  follow along as Sarah bridges the male to female gap in the NYC luxury real estate scene. She’s raw, witty, strong, and her adventures will keep you entertained.