Ladies Close Big Deals Too

Have you ever wondered to yourself… Hey! The only real estate agents on television closing big deals are always men. Why is that? Do women not close deals of that magnitude?

For example, Million Dollar Listing NY, LA, and San Fran all featured men until they brought on board Tracy Maltas as a permanent member in Season 10. Here’s the issue with that,  the producers portrayed her as such a b*tch. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Tracy in the past and she was actually very pleasant, but that doesn’t resonate in MDLLA. On HGTV, the only times you see women in real estate, they’re always accompanied by a male counterpart, whether it be their husbands or business partners and that’s not kosher either. WHERE ARE ALL THE LADIES?!

As a female powerhouse in the RE world (yes, I call it how I see it and I bust my tukus everyday for my clients making me an amazing agent) I can tell you it’s really not easy for women in the real estate world, in urban areas more specifically. Follow along on my day-to-day journey, get the inside track to what goes through my head and best yet, find out how I’m bridging the gap stated above! 😉