WIS – Watch Idiot Savant #WISWife

I never thought I’d consider myself an idiot of any sorts, but I have adapted a hashtag to hopefully unite fellow “WIS” women in the world: #WISWife. Being Persian, it’s almost part of our daily “uniform” to wear either a presidential (all gold) or a two tone (gold/stainless steel) Rolex everyday. I hope this is setting the tone for you… this will be mostly about Rolexes LOL.

I’m going to fill you in to a little secret about many (not all) but many of these Persians with these Rolexes… THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY’RE WEARING. So many Persians are going to hate on me for this, but all honesty, they simply buy the watches because well, they look flashy and pretty and the label is a Rolex. Many of these individuals don’t even know what they’re buying. They will buy these watches second hand and have no clue about it’s service history, will buy without box and papers, some will buy flashy watches with aftermarket stones/gems (LOL), will get the watches buffed when there are scratches (cringe) and lastly will take their watch to be fixed by regular jewelers, not authorized Rolex repair boutiques.

I can be real, and reality is, I was one of those people at the ripe age of 20 when my dad bought me my first Rolex. I loved it because it was a Rolex, I was 20, I’m Persian, and it was two-tone. All I knew was that it was called a datejust and that’s it. Fast forward ten years and I can tell you the production years of the face of my watch, the model reference number, reserve, etc etc etc. I can’t take all the credit though. I always knew when I was getting married I was going to purchase a Rolex for my future husband. I never really liked any of my boyfriends prior to my now hubby, so I dropped that thought for a while and then Giorgio (hubby) walked into my life and suddenly I found myself doing what any good Persian girl would do, working on his appearance. Luckily, my husband always had style in him, but I guess his other girlfriends all sucked and had zero fashion sense so he never released his inner stylist. Once my husband got his first Rolex it’s been watch after watch after watch that walks into the door and never leaves LOL. He slowly started this magnificent collection that today is over a dozen watches deep. But we don’t buy watches to buy them bc they’re “pretty” or “trendy” – we buy VERY specific pieces that we know will retain value or even go up in value! Every watch in our robust collection of Rolex, OMEGA, Tudor have gone up in price by at least 10% making our timepieces an investment rather than wasted money. Our watches have become a bit of bonding thing between us. We discuss watches over dinner, with our clients, made some great friends in the collecting community, and so on.

Now let me back track a little bit to earlier in this essay where I mention all the “don’t” that many Persians do and why you should always refrain from everything mentioned on that list. Firstly, purchasing watches because they’re all gold and flashy: GOLD WATCHES DROP IN VALUE very quickly. If gold was something you were interested in purchasing, I would recommend buying a presidential watch 2nd hand, but to make sure you get box and papers. 9 times out 10 a person who keeps everything will be sure the watch is well taken care of serviced by Rolex techs versus an average jeweler. Why is that important? Well, Rolex will not warranty any watch with aftermarket parts. So lets say the watch is only a year old, but it’s been serviced by a regular jeweler bc the owner is a noob and/or its been “blinged” out, Rolex will take the watch and restore it to the original condition at your cost. Your watch also drops in value without a service record from an authorized repair boutique. Now on to buffing and polishing… DON’T DO IT. Not only are you tampering with the integrity of the metals of the watch, but your watch is dropping in value with each buff and polish it endures. Watches with natural wear and tear will be worth significantly more in the long run than watches that have been made to “shine” for a lack of better terms.

I’ve rambled on and on haven’t I? That ladies and gentlemen was a quick crash course, watches 101. Now let’s check out a few of the pieces in our collection…

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