Welcome to Brooklyn: Windsor Terrace

How well do you know Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn? It’s boundaries are that of a narrow strip, about 8 or 9 blocks at the widest, between the vast grass (yes grass in NYC) covered grounds of Greenwood Cemetery and Prospect Park. Did you know that you could get the best bang for your buck in this little enclave of Brooklyn? 

The name “Windsor Terrace” dates from around 1850. It was coined by Robert Bell, who held land in the area for a brief time. The first mention of the neighborhood can be found in The Brooklyn Eagle dated March 18, 1854, in a land auction announcement. Historically, Windsor Terrace has been way more affordable than nearby areas like Park Slope; it wasn’t until year-2000’s, with the rapid rise of housing-prices did Windsor Terrace see a spike in home prices. The neighborhood has seen some diversification, but still maintains a close-knit feel with still some of the most affordable prices in Brooklyn.

Today, the neighborhood still dons beautiful greenery and is able to maintain the more “suburban feel” due to the zoning restrictions of the neighborhood, which is mostly R5; this means the homes can only go vertical up to a certain height not allowing for too many “mid to high-rise” buildings to develop in the area. Pictured above are photos from a new development I represented at much more affordable prices than one would expect being in Brooklyn.

Enough talk, let’s take a look at some FOOD!

Hamilton’s2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy

Brunch or Dinner, this tavern serves up classics with a their own little twist to each dish. Located at the corner of E4th Street and Fort Hamilton Pkwy, this cozy local fave, has something on their menu for everyone, mimosas and a Rueben for you, a grilled cheese and fresh juice for the younger diners; Hamilton’s has always been a go-to for me!


Le Paddock – 1235 Prospect Avenue

If it weren’t for the red door, you might just walk right by this French bistro that also serves up brick oven pizza! With their frequently updated menu, you’ll have the opportunity to try something new almost every time you visit this cozy restaurant.


Where to Grab-n-Go. What’s more classic New York than grabbing a slice of pizza and an italian ice while on the go? What’s more perfect than that, these two locations are right next to each other and get this, across the street from the last new development I sold (which btw still has investor units still available)!

Little Toninos Pizzeria424 Greenwood Avenue

Just as any other true New Yorker, there’s nothing I enjoy more than grabbing a slice of pizza that comes in a paper plate and running to my next appointment; I call it lunch on the go. But on occasion you have a little spare time and maybe want to sit at a table with a plastic checkered tablecloth and enjoy maybe a pepperoni pin wheel or a chicken roll and well at Tonino’s you can do just that!!


Kathy’s Italian Ice422 Greenwood Avenue

Many would think grabbing an Italian Ice would be a Summer activity, but guess what… For New Yorkers, it’s a treat we enjoy all year round; especially after a yummy slice of pizza. For me, I’d grab a Kathy’s ice walking to the subway (F/G train one block away) or walking to my car after I’d have a showing at my 82 E 5th Street development, or just before an open house!



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