Meet My Tribe: Luciane Serifovic

Who is Luciane and why is she special to me?

Luciane is a top real estate executive in NYC. She’s held roles such as Managing Director at CitiHabitats, to Executive Vice President of Rentals at Douglas Elliman to the Director of International Sales at TOWN Residential (until they shut their doors in April 2018). She also happens to be a mom of 2, with her hubby almost 20 years, an author, and a fitness competitor (and winner in her category). Here’s the kicker ladies and gents, SHE’S SELF MADE!

I met Luciane when she was my manager at Douglas Elliman. I went to her for guidance and help with a rental deal gone wrong (yes shocking, not all deals in NYC move as smoothly as you see on TV) and since then, she’s been a person I look to for advice and motivation. She’s someone who goes to bat for her agents, which is something I have always admired in her and is a quality I look for in all managers in all fields.

Luciance has become part of my inner circle for many reasons, but one reason I love most, she’ll hold me accountable in all aspects of my life. Today, she pushes me daily and most recently, has been holding me accountable for my fitness routine (and sometimes lack of). If she sees me posting a bowl of pasta on Instagram, you can be damn sure she’s messaging me putting me in my place. Why is this important?

When you feel good about yourself, you do well in all aspects of your life. Whenever I’m in my groove, and feeling great about my physical appearance, my business seems to prosper.  It’s been like that since 2012 when I first got a strong hold on my life after a life-changing adventure to Thailand. I returned to New York, got my ducks in a row and BOOM just like that landed a job that would change the trajectory of my life.



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