NYC Mansions: I’m Bond, James Bond

As seen on TV: Over the top Real Estate Broker’s Opens with booze, food, and cars.

I’m guilty of these parties for large listings, like 173 Concord and 29 Mt. Morris Park most recently. We held brokers opens with booze, food, one catered, the other with a chef (with a personalized menu), and we had photographers, music etc etc.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of those fancy broker’s opens at the former Bertie Charles Forbes townhome, yes the founder of Forbes magazine. The home has been completely gutted and redone to the nines with top-of-the-line finishes. As I roamed through the home, I couldn’t help but think “This is a home James Bond would ABSOLUTELY live in!” With a glass of MOET in hand I roamed, photographed, socialized with a few brokers I happen to be friendly with, and found my way to, yes, the ever-coveted private garage!! Part of the reason my husband and I decided to move outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn was simply due to our love for cars. We just don’t have $28 million dollars (yes list price of this home I toured) to have a beautiful home AND a private 2-car garage. Once I walked into the garage, I found myself looking at none other than JAMES BOND’S CAR – an Aston Martin DB11 (provided by Long Island Sports Cars).  Did I mention I was wearing the very first watch worn by Bond (played by Sean Connery) in 1962!

Mansion: just shy of 9700SF, the 25-ft townhouse boasts 5-7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms (6 full 2 half), 2400+ SF of exterior space and a 2-car garage! The Aston Martin does not come with the house unfortunately 😆 

Watch: Rolex launched the original Submariner in 1953 without a date function, the date didn’t come until a decade later. The No Date happens to be my fave in our collection. Sleek, comfortable and of course, it’s one of my favorite colors, black ha. #WISWife

Car: Aston Martin DB11, base model boasts a 500 hp v8 engine. And of course James Bond’s go to!

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