The Art of Follow Up

When I worked in corporate America, I had a boss who was probably the most impossible human being on the planet, he was never satisfied, ever! But he taught me one very valuable lesson at a ripe young age, that things will never get accomplished if you don’t follow up. Anyone who has ever worked with me can and will tell you, I’m the queen of the follow up calls, texts, email, etc. some people may perceive that as being pesky, but they’re missing the bigger picture.

This honestly doesn’t just apply to only sales, but to your everyday life. Agents, be the expert, be reliable, and make sure you always always ALWAYS Follow Up!

Others feel the same way. Watch Here

And yes, I wear a lot of red, check emails while overseas (like while in South America pictured) taking headshots, oh yes and as this video will demonstrate, while drinking at a boozy brunch. See even my friends vouch for my work ethic LOL.

True Life: I’m a Workaholic!


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