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Many of my clients are used to be catered to; they have assistants who handle their day-to-day tasks, personal shoppers, personal bankers, house keepers, the list goes on and on. I’m not going to lie, having a team assistant to work on board packages was great, being able to text my reps at Hirschleifer’s, Barneys, Nordstroms etc is also a perk I enjoy myself; the perk I love most, never having to step foot into a dealership EVER again. I know that perk isn’t something I would use daily/weekly/monthly, but it’s a perk I’ve come to appreciate.

Being a salesperson, I try my best to refrain from being the “pushy” agent. I hate when salespeople are TOO persistent myself, so why would I do that to anyone? I’ve been in the car circuit since 2008; yes I’m a female who’s into cars. I love everything from modding to hitting the tracks and I don’t shy away from a good challenge from a fellow “gear head”.

In January of 2017, while on a trip to Paris (France) I was introduced to Christopher Amico, owner of Capital Motor Cars. He had this beautiful duplex apartment in Williamsburg (BK) that he had been trying to rent out for months and needed the “big guns” to come in and get the job done LOL. I signed his apartment while I was away, and the moment I landed I had a photoshoot and not only did I rent the apartment in 3 weeks, but we had a little bit of a bidding war! Anyway, Chris is another entrepreneur I have a lot of respect for. He worked in finance, then moved on to open his own car leasing company and led it to be the of the most successful leasing companies in the tri-state area (I would argue the country). This was a great contact for me, why? I’m in the car scene and love everything cars! I referred him a few deals throughout 2017 and Chris saw the way I was able to connect dots (whether it be networking, generating business etc.) and for a little while he kept saying to me “sell cars on the side!” My expertise is real estate, my passion is cars, I really wasn’t ready to take that on. As time went on, Chris and I became very good friends, he’s now like an older brother to me. I wanted to get him involved in my upcoming project with Julia and we found a way to combine my business with his.

Here’s why I love Capital Motor Cars (CMC):

  • Their Deals! Who doesn’t love a great deal?! The numbers CMC gets on all makes/models truly are UNBELIEVABLE.
  • The attention they spend to each client whether their sourcing a Hyundai or a Bentley, everyone is treated the same. The reps at CMC are all customer-service conscious and put their clients first.
  • They know their products! It’s super important for a salesperson to be THE EXPERT in what they are selling and not just “going with the flow” – which believe me happens all too often.
  • Door-to-door VIP-like service. I have dubbed myself a real estate agent and client concierge. Why? “I got a guy” – yes people literally call me if they are looking for sunglasses, sales at stores, cars, reservations at tough restaurants the list goes on, so the moment I did my first deal with CMC and I knew they would be the people I refer to all my clients. I never had to interrupt my day to get my first car through CMC. They found the car with the exact specs I wanted (actually they got me a more expensive car for the same amount as the one I wanted that was cheaper), took care of all the paperwork, had the car delivered to my front door, picked up our old car and returned it back to the dealership on my behalf! Easiest car acquisition of my life. On my second deal with them, they sold my husband’s old pick-up to a dealership for an amount I never thought I’d be able to get. GO CMC!
  • Their work ethic and culture. Now, seeing the inside workings of the company, they really are like a big family. Chris and his partner Henry spend lots of money on resources for their employees as well as treating them like family. Whether it be group dinners for a CMC member’s birthday or a party to celebrate an employee’s accomplishment, they spare no expense! I truly love that about them. I’m a firm believer in teams do better as a whole when there’s a personal connection, a happy employee will break their backs for deals and pay the utmost attention to their jobs!
  • They’re always enterprising. This is more on the part of Chris and Henry. They brought me on as their brand ambassador in December 2017. Since then we’ve established strong relationships and referral networks between my team, InLine Electrical Contractors, JCL Staging and Design and Optimum Moving – and we’re in the works on new relationships with different industries. That being said, we recently put together a broker referral program for real estate agents! Want to learn more? Shoot me an email!

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