Meet My Tribe: Bonnie DeSimone

Bonnie, oh Bonnie! I have only ever met two Bonnie’s in my life and both happen to be very important to me. Of course, one Bonnie being my mom and the other being Bonnie DeSimone, mortgage broker extraordinaire, wife, aunt, sister, daughter and awesome doggie mommy!

Firstly, when it comes to business, I see Bonnie as being the older lesbian version of me… yes I said that. She’s client focused, success driven, and will go above and beyond to get a deal done. That’s probably why she is one of the top 10 mortgage bankers IN THE COUNTRY! Takes a hustler to know a hustler.

I truly admire her for many different reasons, but one thing that stands out to me is her ability to remain calm, cool and collected when most women would simply have a meltdown. She’s a phenomenal problem solver, and when shit hits the fan, she will find a way to get things done and efficiently. In her personal life, she loves hard and unconditionally. I could probably learn a few things from her relationship with her wife as I have a tendency to be extremely impatient with my hubby and well, sometimes pushy.

Every phone call with Bonnie, whether the initial purpose of the call was business related or not, will end up in a minimum 45-minute convo, why? We get each other, our calls become somewhat of a therapy session for me bc she just gets me and understands my perspectives on many different things. Bon, I’m truly grateful for you!

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