To Stage or Not to Stage, That is the Question

Pro Tip: To stage is almost always the answer…

When selling a house/apartment it’s so important to take away the guessing game for buyers. What does that mean? Have the place staged with furniture and decor so buyers could easily envision themselves living in the space. Yes, the video I produced helps, but when the buyers are walking through their prospective home, they might need a little extra help.

Typically, homes that are staged almost always sells for more than ones that aren’t. Million dollar question, who pays for this? Typically, the sellers will pay for the staging, however sometimes agents offer staging as an incentive for sellers to give them the exclusive.

But what if the seller says “nope not happening” and you don’t have it in your budget?

Solution: Virtual Staging (VS). VS comes in extremely handy when we have homes that are occupied. Why? We can delete existing furniture and replace it with new floors, wall color, furniture, the options are limitless.


173 Concord Street, Brooklyn

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284 Fifth Ave, E-Line

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29 Mt. Morris Park

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Porsche Design Tower – 4203

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