Real Estate Marketing (RE)imagined

Roughly 4 years I had this brilliant idea to do a different style of marketing videos for my listings. I ran it by Allen, who I had just started working with at the time, so he was a little apprehensive, but was curious as to how I would execute the video. He put me on this rental listing in one of the Upper East Side’s most notable buildings, The Manhattan House.

My idea was to present the listing actually being lived in and utilized. Staging is  phenomenal to help take the “guess work” out of the equation for buyers, but I wanted to do something more. This was a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment with home office, over 1100 SF. I recruited 2 girlfriends, one of my interns from my corporate job that was a budding videographer/director and we headed on over to the apartment one day after work. Sounds great right? Here’s the lesson I learned… YOU NEED TO HAVE A STAGED APARTMENT FOR THIS TO WORK! The tenants had moved out from when I had last seen the apartment and there was NO FURNITURE! So I had to get creative, champagne glasses, bottle of bubbly, mug to act as if one of the girls would be enjoying her morning cup of coffee, but even with all that, it just didn’t feel like a RE video. Well, you tell me if I’m wrong or not…

#FAIL – I know, I know. It looked a little more like an escort video LOL. Fast forward 3 years later and another agent from another firm, executed my vision and I almost cried when he got so much praise for being one of the first in our market to do that type of video marketing! Like, um excuse me sir, but I’m the OG in Manhattan to think of this, I just failed at the execution and clearly got zero recognition (rightfully so LOL).

But ladies and gentlemen, in true Sarah form, I don’t give up easily. I may stall and put things on the back burner but once I get going… FULL STEAM AHEAD BITCHES! I’ve learned a lot from my cousin Jules (as you read in my last post) and the other amazing television producers in “my tribe” and I FINALLY executed something I’ve always wanted to do for my clients!

When Allen and I signed on 173 Concord Street in Brooklyn, we knew it was going to be a challenge, but I like a good challenge. Moment I had a signed exclusive, I was texting my tribe of television producers to find me a videographer/production team who could help me execute my vision; I was simultaneously casting actors using my network of connections I’ve made throughout the years (special shoutout to Ben Venturina who jumped right in and put out some feelers), entertaining PR opportunities from Douglas Elliman, planning a catered brokers open with an amazing chef (who also happens to my insurance guy), photographer and server! As you can see sellers (and readers), I waste no time.

Well… I think I’ve rambled on long enough. Ladies and gents, enjoy “Your Dream Home for the Taking”!

P.S. Yes, that’s my own dog Dexter who is now up for shoots, soooooo if you know someone who needs to cast a pup, he’s up for grabs and at a good rate too (I make my animals work for their meals) LOL

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