When Persians Go Real Estate Shopping

As a real estate agent, you’re not only selling a product, but you’re somewhat of jack of all trades… everything from a problem solver, therapist, shoulder to cry on, sometimes dog/cat sitter, and the list goes on. Not only do you wear many hats, BUT you overhear some amazing conversations and you’re usually asked some absurd questions. The best part, try keeping a poker face when someone is looking at an all-glass stovetop asking “Is the stove electric or gas?”

A dear friend of mine Farzam Kazemi, or as many know him as “Farzy Loko“, has made waves in the comedic circuit and I had a brilliant idea, why not poke fun at some of these crazy moments any realtor deals with on a daily basis. Since Farzy’s main constituents are in the Persian community, we decided to have a Persian buyer with his American wife touring one of my ultra luxury listings. The video is PRICELESS. Being Persian myself, we pulled in a few Persian inside jokes and combined it with stupid RE questions I frequently get, and the uncomfortable moments realtors deal with when clients start bickering while viewing a listing.

The listing we decided to shoot in was one of my favorites. It was a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 1800 SF unit at the Beekman Hotel and Residences. Our client went into contract while the building was being developed, then once we closed, we put the unit up for either re-sale ($4,250,000) or for rent ($15,00/mo).

On my wrist: Rolex Deep Sea Dweller – known as the James Cameron [old movement]

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