Work For the Man or Work for Yourself

Feel like you’re stuck in a dead end 9-5? Working for a boss you can’t stand the sound of his voice? Here’s the best advice I could give you… STOP BITCHING, STOP STALLING AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY (as long as you can make a living).

The best thing I ever did was leave corporate America. Yes, I was making a great living, had a directorial position, but I hated making money for someone else.

Was it easy at first? NOPE.

Did my husband probably resent me for leaving a regular salary to work for myself? YUP.

Am I happier now than I’ve ever been since I started my first job at 15? YUP. 

Did I shed blood, sweat and tears to get to where I am today? YUP and still do shed some to stay on top.

Was it all worth it? DAMN STRAIGHT

Are there days that I question everything? OBV, I’m still a millennial.

Ladies, Don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t” because honestly, that’s what held me back from the pursuit of happiness and a lifestyle one could only envy through social media. The best part of all this, I was the one telling myself for years “you can’t possibly do it” then I did it and I’ll never look back. The fear of failure (for anyone) is crippling; so much so I see my friends caught in jobs they hate, that are unfulfilling and they’re always trying to think of “get rich quick” schemes. People… get rich quick isn’t something we should waste our energy on. Nothing in life comes easy and I feel like many of my peers (men and women) have a weird sense of entitlement and think they know everything.

Always remember to shut up, listen, absorb, and work hard. I still struggle with the “shutting up” part, but I’m learning that technique and then doing what I want to do anyways because I still think I know more. But, as I tell my business partner Allen, everything is trial and error. If you try to micro-manage everyone and not let them f*ck up once in a while, no lessons will be learned.

Now off to presenting this listing video I casted and produced to be “outside-the-box” from all other real estate (RE) videos, to this developer. Hope I don’t eff this up, ha… stay tuned.

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