Long Island Mansions: It’s Turtle Time

When you’re good at your job, people recognize your hard work without you having to advertise or put yourself out there. I met fellow power broker Robin Bender, North Shore LI specialist, two years ago and since then we’ve been cross marketing some of our more special listings in attempts to bring in buyers from our respective markets. It’s been great as we both see traffic increasing, and of course, our sellers love maximum exposure.

One listing in particular, 1 Vista Lane, is a special one. Being I was a bit tom-boyish as a child, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of my favorite movies, and it just so happens this home is owned by the person who put the turtles on the map! Throughout the home you see hints of Ninja Turtles everywhere, from the green cabinets in the kitchen, Ninja Turtles cookie jars, splashes of green EVERYWHERE in the decor and you can’t miss the original Ninja Turtle arcade games from the late 80s/early 90s in the in-home arcade!

Our last open house, we knew we needed something to bring in clients, so I made a phone call to my friends at McLaren and we were able to bring a brand new 570s McLaren for clients to preview. Would have been cool to get a green one, but I know how to make the best of any situation, so I brought my blue #M3 and wore a limited edition Omega CK2998, blue panda.

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