Meet My Tribe: Natalie Sky

There are times you meet people and the relationship doesn’t go past that meeting, but sometimes the people you meet will still be in your life a couple of years down the line and you have a hard time remembering a time when they weren’t there.

Natalie was dating a former friend of my husband and we met shortly after my wedding back in 2014. A few vacations, a proposal, a breakup and 4 years later we’re close friends who try our best to be there for one another always. I’ve inter-looped her into my inner circle (my tribe) and we always look out for each other.

Natalie happens to also be a real estate agent working at Compass and anytime we have clients looking for something specific, we immediately call each other first to see if we can help one another. Natalie is a strong personality as am I and she’s a real go-getter which I love and respect. She not only is a realtor, but she’s also an incredible make-up artist that has worked on many celebrities and her work can be regularly seen on a variety of BRAVO TV shows.

Being a strong-willed career woman, you often find it difficult to retain friendships. Mostly bc your priorities are very different from the average (for a lack of better terms) person both men and women. Your energy is shifted from going out and having a social life to working your butt off to create financial stability to eventually lead to financial freedom. You often don’t have the time to call and text the same people everyday, your problems often differ and eventually you drift apart.

Even though our friendship has been less than five years, I trust her as if we’ve been friends for decades. We don’t have to call each other everyday, but we understand the other person is there for them and will always be. I admire the hard work she puts into anything she sets her mind to and will have her back through both her personal and work lives.

Everyone meet Natalie Sky.

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