Get a Job Where You Can Bring Your Dog: Meet my Fur Babies

One of the perks of my job is the fact I can easily take my pups to work! I like to think my pup BoBo is mommy’s little helper. And my new baby, Dexter, well we tested his training in my latest marketing piece for 173 Concord Street Brooklyn.

The last ten years, not only has the real estate market morphed, but other things have changed as well. I’ve noticed a shift in working environments, fashion (as always), the way we communicate (thank you social media), and so so so much more. One shift that I absolute love, and probably could attribute to social media; the value society has placed on the lives of dogs and cats… well all animals really.

My pets have not only filled my life with so much joy, but they’ve given me soooo many stories that I now have that I can share with clients. One of my keys to success is my relate-ability. I’m not only comfortable enough to poke fun at myself, but I also have great pet stories that many of my clients either can relate to or just simply enjoy!

I truly believe office pets brightens up everyone’s day and makes work just that much more enjoyable. My little Pomeranian, BoBo, is always the star of the show; it prob helps that I dress him up when he leaves the house. People think I do it because it’s “cute” but in reality I’m a clean freak so I’n trying to minimize how much his body is exposed to NYC’s natural elements LOL. Agents, if you have pets, love them, bring them to work, and be sure to carry loads of treats!!

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